We are GATLA, a nongovernamental oncohematologist asociation aiming to do clinical research in both audult and young leukemic patients and also other malignant haemopathies.

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18000  total patients

more than 500 new patients every year

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Up to the date there has been more than 11,000 children, with Hemato-oncological diseases (Leukemia and Lymphoma), registered to our database which have been treated with different with both internationally and national clinical trials getting a survival rate between 60% and 65%, depending on the diagnosis and evolution stage.

These numbers have been improving with the different studies, getting similar results as those we can find in a more developed country.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) we can differentiate between two stages: before BFM (1967-1982) and after joining BFM (1982-today).


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