We are GATLA, a nongovernamental oncohematologist asociation aiming to do clinical research in both audult and young leukemic patients and also other malignant haemopathies.

Clinical Trials



70  already done

20 online right now




18000  total patients

more than 500 new patients every year

Group Progress


Up to the date there has been more than 11,000 children, with Hemato-oncological diseases (Leukemia and Lymphoma), registered to our database which have been treated with different with both internationally and national clinical trials getting a survival rate between 60% and 65%, depending on the diagnosis and evolution stage.

These numbers have been improving with the different studies, getting similar results as those we can find in a more developed country.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) we can differentiate between two stages: before BFM (1967-1982) and after joining BFM (1982-today).


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Teléfono: +54 9 11-4047-0052 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adress: Av. Córdoba 2216 6to A, CABA

Business hours: 9 to 13 


Ciudad de Buenos Aires

  • HNBA Ricardo Gutierrez
  • HPE Pedro Elizalde
  • FUN Fundaleu
  • PBP Policlínico Bancario.
  • HITAL Italiano


Pcia Buenos Aires

  • HNLP Sor Maria Ludovica
  • HNP Prof Alejandro Posadas
  • HNBB Pena Bahía Blancax
  • HMIMDP Materno-Infantil Mar del Plata
  • HNSJ Niños de San Justo.



  • HNCOR Niños de Córdoba
  • HPCOR Privado
  • SACOR sanatorio Allende


Entre Ríos

  • HMISR Materno- Infantil de Paraná


Santiago del Estero

  • HNSE Niños de Stgo del Estero


Santa Fe

  • HISF Iturraspe
  • HNSF Niños
  • HCRO Centenario de Rosario
  • HNRO Niños de Rosario


  • HNCH Niños de Resistencia



  • HNMDZ Notti


San Juan

  • HNSJU Niños de San Juan



  • HMISAL Materno-Infantil



  • LHNQN Sanatorio San Lucas



  • HTCHU Hospital de Trelew



  • HNMIS Niños de Posadas

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